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Date:2013-12-04 19:14

I know I haven't been active in fandom for a very VERY long time, apart from the odd entry in a fest (in RL I've been busy getting my Funeral Directing and Embalmer's Diplomas, and setting up home with my other half, who is also an Undertaker). I've finally found an Archive that I can sort of understand how to post things in, so here is a link to most of my stuff, including my NEW WIP 'The Marquis'.

Here's the summary for 'The Marquis', hopefully it persuades some people to go and read the opening chapter:

'On weekends, Snape invites willing partners to join him for one-off BDSM "Experiences" at his home. Harry wants more than a one-off.
ā€œIā€™m just a sad, ugly, middle aged old queen who can only get sexual partners by building up a profile of dark and dangerous mystique on the internet, keeping them for 48 hours, then sending them away. There.ā€ ~ Severus Snape'

Chapter updates will be posted there, so please check out 'The Marquis' if you're interested - here is a direct link to Chapter 1.

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Date:2011-11-09 13:43

Aha, I believe html codes and I are slowly becoming friends... Therefore, here is my Cliche Fest fic! I had a great time reading the other entries. My big thanks go to the marvellous Accioslash and Torino for running yet another wonderful fest! Plus H my beta, you star, and people were very kind with their comments on my story, so thank you too.
The Space Between Us

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Date:2010-05-09 21:03
Mood: mischievous

Well, after an incredible few weeks the stunning Snarry-A-Thon at 


[info]snape_potter is over, and I can own up to writing 'Know Thine Own Heart; The Scandalous (and Spiritual) Tale of Mr Harry Potter'. 

I felt really welcomed into the community by the wonderful people who took the time to read and comment on my story, thank you so much. I am slowly getting through replying all your really kind comments. :)

Here is my Regency Snarry, which I will archive at Walking The Plank as soon as I can:

'Know Thine Own Heart; The Scandalous (and Spiritual) Tale of Mr Harry Potter

My grateful thanks to slytherinandproud for being my beautiful beta, and to [info]torino10154and to [info]accioslash for running the fest so amazingly. Extra thanks to accioslash for her kindness and support, she is one special lady.

I look forward to posting my next Snarry story in the Severus *Sighs* Grand Challenge! x

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Date:2009-12-13 00:14

Title: I Can Hear The Bells
Author: [info]necromanticnoir
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 100 x 5
Warnings: Excessive jingling during intercourse
Challenge: 192 - Jingle Bells
Disclaimer: These boys are not mine, they are the property of JK Rowling and no money is being made.
Summary:  Snape knew Potter was around somewhere because, whenever he moved, he jingled
Hope you enjoy! ;) x

Click here to read on... *jingles* )

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Date:2009-09-28 21:52

Eeep, just posted my first ever Snarry titbit, to Snarry100! Only 100 words, but it's a start! :oD

Title: Horsing Around




Word Count: 100

Rating(s): R

Challenge: 181: Naked

Warning(s): Horse-play! Enjoy! ;)


Horsing Around )

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Date:2009-08-02 20:47
Subject:I'm new here but loving it already...

Hello and thank you to the lovely people who have friended me back! I'm new to IJ, joined a couple of days ago to support and enjoy the Snarry Games (3 entries out so far, thank you so much mods and authors / artists, the quality is so so high) and hopefully post my fics that I'm working on (it's getting the courage to post my first story that's the tricky bit!) I'm working hard to finish my first one, am currently stuck in bed or my wheelchair with bad CFS. Loving Snarry though, it keeps me going! ^_^

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